Your True Potential


Your True Potential

Michael Pluszek - Success Catalyst and Happy Warrior

After 20 years in Creating & Managing Businesses, 8 years with McDonalds DK and 12 years with Baresso Coffee, Michael decided to take on a new mission: To help as many people as possible living happy and healthy lives.

"I have decided to follow my heart and do what feels right NOW - I believe this journey will be the most exciting thing I have ever done, and I expect to meet great people, give and share lots of love, and experience MAGIC.

I have decided to try to inspire, motivate and give tools to as many as possible and be a part of a process that will bring Personal Success through seminars, teachings, success coaching and more.

This is all about YOU!

Amagerbrogade, 32. 4. Th.
2300 Copenhagen S

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